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Corel Painter 2015: Advanced Digital Feature

Corel painter is a lot like a unrestricted artist’s toolbox; at the heart of the app usually are it is several and also superior brushes, which convincingly replicate organic media. Prior variations observed the particular advantages connected with Genuine Watercolor and also Genuine Fat brushes, which actually allow you to watch coloring dried (more interesting as compared to many should have anyone believe). Corel’s painter 2015 highlights Particle Brushes. Particle Brushes usually do not replicate analog tools. Instead, you’ll get swift approaches to pull wisps connected with fumes as well as authentic dog’s fur and also locks and also put swirls connected with shade on your projects. Put simply, should you be any purist and also you adore ones paintings to seem just as if we were looking at driven personally, chances are you’ll battle to uncover works by using intended for a few of the new Particle Brushes. Nevertheless for artists who get pleasure from melding previous along with new, they will start new options. Should you prefer a hyper-realistic facial beard on your illusion dwarf, these include the particular brushes to utilize.

Source: Corel

Drone/Quadcopter & RC Helicopter Works has some pretty cool images that we designed for their illustration of how the flight controls work for some of the best quadcopters on the market.  Some big companies like DJI are applying the drone/quadcopter navigation to a new GPS level.  More can be found at Here are a few sample graphics of the flight controls for best flight of a quadcopter.  In addition, they also worked on some radio controlled flight illustrations for their best rc helicopter page.



The image above was used on the best quadcopter page for Pilot Mart.  The flight controls of drone/quadcopters are very unique by its operation on all 4 rotors.  These quadcopters have really made an appearance in the radio controlled small aircraft world.

The radio flight controller was used above on the best rc helicopter info page that lists some of the top brands such as Syma and Walkera.  The flight control for the rc helicopter is the hardest part to master with 3, 4, 6, and 7 channel flight controls.

Hair & Nail Salon Graphics: Salons Next Door has a large database of hair, nail, and tanning salons near you across all 50 states in the US.  The site is built on some pretty advanced table architecture and offers a more interactive experience for consumers looking for hair, nail, and tanning salons in nearby locations.



The image above was used for the hair salons near me page that lists thousands of hair salons in all 50 states and metropolitan areas for the U.S.  The hair salon image has an outline effect and gives a great contemporary look for the site.

For the nail salons near me page on Salon Next Door’s website, this nail salon image was used because it illustrated a nice array of colors and contemporary style for manicure and pedicure services.


Graphics for Site Restructure: recently had some work done to its site to help educate accounting and finance workers and potential candidates of the accounting/finance workforce.  A ton of useful content was added and a few images were needed to bring the site to life.



The sprocket image was originally going to be used for the what does an accountant do page on  The image is very universal and with the content of accounting & finance, it is very important to have clear, simple designs.

The figurine above was suggested for the accountant job description page on  The design needed to be simple and contemporary for modern accounting and finance resource site across the web.